I'm working on a Spring MVC application and have a question about spring validation. First, I have this action in my controller:

@RequestMapping(value = "/create", method = RequestMethod.POST, produces = "application/json")
public @ResponseBody
Employee employeeCreate(@Valid @RequestBody EmployeeModelCreate objModel) throws Exception {

And this is my EmployeeModelCreate class:

public class EmployeeModelCreate implements Serializable {
    @NotBlank(message = "...")
    private String password;

    @NotBlank(message = "...")
    private String confirmPassword;

    //Setters and Getters

Now, I want to have validation for comparing password and confirmPassword. This validation should be check equality of these two fields. How can I do that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You could make a custom validation class, for this you need to implement the Validator interface, then you can use it manually, or bind it to the Spring MVC controller, using the @InitBinder annotation.

This question may contain other useful information.

  • Thank your for your replay @meskobalazs. Your suggested link is very good and helped me a lot. Thanks again. – hamed Apr 29 '15 at 5:33

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