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I have a table in the database with the name attendance. It has three columns: intime, outtime and work_hours. I have date and time in intime and outime. Now I want to write the php code to calculate the time difference in the format hh:mm:ss to store into the column work_hour of attendance table.

Please help me out.

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timediff returns the difference between two datetimes as a time value:

UPDATE attendance
SET    work_hours = TIMEDIFF (outtime, intime)
  • thank you so much, it worked for me! – Rajeet May 4 '15 at 6:52

I have one simple solution, but you will find better. Just try this. For this you need to convert both of your outtime and intime in seconds using

$working_time_in_seconds = strtotime($outtime) - strtotime($intime);

echo date('H:i:s', $working_time_in_seconds );
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