I am new to HADOOP hdfs and Sqoop. I installed hadoop hdfs on one machine with single node. I am able to put and get the file to/from hdfs repectively.

Requirement [Do not want to install hadoop and sqoop on client machine]: I want to access hdfs from differnt machine using WebHDFS without installation of hadoop on client machine and that part is working fine.

To access HDFF, I am using webhdfs java client jar. Now I want to execute export/import command of sqoop with remote hdfs.

Case: Export to local file system where HADOOP as well as Sqoop is not installed, we are using only HADDOP and Sqoop client jar.

public int importToHdfs(String tablename, String stmpPath){
    int resultcode=-1;

    try {
        String s = File.separator;
        String outdir = stmpPath.substring(0,stmpPath.lastIndexOf(s));
        String[] str = {"import"
                , "--connect", jdbcURL
                , "--username", sUserName, "--password", sPassword
                , "-m", "1"
        Configuration conf = new Configuration();
        resultcode = Sqoop.runTool(str,conf);
    }catch(Exception ex){
    return resultcode;

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