I am using Fortify code analyzing tool. In my code I am getting string from xml and parse it to double

a= Double.parseDouble(b);

Tool gives me

The program calls a method that parses doubles and can cause the thread to hang.

How can I enhance my code ?

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You need to catch the possible exeptions and handle them so your code doesn't fall over. Sometimes the value of B will not parse into a double.

try {
  a = Double.parseDouble(b);
} catch (NumberFormatException e) {
  //the parseDouble failed and you need to handle it here

Edit: The 'hanging' issue can be read about here however it's unlikely but worth keeping in mind. http://www.exploringbinary.com/java-hangs-when-converting-2-2250738585072012e-308/


It is a JVM bug, to avoid that use below snippet for parsing to Double.

BigDecimal d = BigDecimal(a); // throws NumberFormatException if it is string.
Double b = d.doubleValue();

As per this note, it is only for Java version 6 update 23 and earlier versions. If you are using Java 6 update 24 and above, then believe you can ignore it.

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