I have Solr 4.10 and I have collection on it with solorconfig.xml has the value for <luceneMatchVersion> as follows:


Is this correct? I saw other examples that has values such as LUCENE_35 What I need to know also, how could I express LUCENE_xx from my current Solr version?


You should use:


I recommend you to check your current solr version, in my case was 4.10.4.

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if you are going to reindex, then both numbers should match. The only reason you might want to have them different, is if you had and index created with say Lucene 4.7, then you would have


Then, you upgrade lucene to 4.10.

Now, if among the changes in between 4.7 and 4.10 there are things that work differently regarding analysis (you get the same sentence analysed in both versions and get different output as a result), then, you might want to keep the version number at 4.7, otherwise some queries that contain affected terms might not work (as they were analysed at index time in a different way than at query time). You have to asses how critical that issue might be.

That is why the recommendation is to upgrade, change the setting to the current number, and reindex. This way you are sure to avoid any issue.

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    I don't mean that. I mean the expression that I have to fill the text node of the tag luceneMatchVersion. For example, is 4.10 correct or LUCENE _41 or what? – SaidbakR Apr 30 '15 at 17:58

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