What is the right way to use the classes HTML and FORM, from illuminate of Laravel 4 in Laravel 5?

In Laravel 4 I can use like this:

{{ Form::open(array('url' => 'foo/bar')) }}
    // Anything
{{ Form::close() }}

I can add inputs as follows:

{{ Form::text('username'); }}
{{ Form::text('email', 'example@gmail.com'); }}
{{ Form::password('password'); }}
{{ Form::email($name, $value = null, $attributes = array()); }}
{{ Form::file($name, $attributes = array()); }}

How could I do the same thing in Laravel 5?


First install the package from Laravel Collective.

Then, when you use it, be sure to use Laravel 5's new raw blade tags:

{!! Form::text('username') !!}

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