Today Microsoft released the Visual Studio Code file/folder editor.

The first limitation is it appears to be a single-instance application.

Is there a way of getting multiple instances, or otherwise having it open multiple folders simultaneously?

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Ctrl + Shift + N will open a new window, while Ctrl+K then releases the keys, and pressing O would open the current tab in a new window. You can then use menu FileOpen Folder to have two instances of Visual Studio Code with different folders in each window.

+ Shift + N and + K for Mac.

List of helpful keyboard shortcuts can be found here.



code -n

when launching the program. This "Opens a new session of Visual Studio Code instead of restoring the previous session." (from here).

The way I used this was by modifying my "Code" shortcut to include the -n parameter:

Visual Studio Code Shortcut

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    On MacOS this just opens the same session. this did it for me: while Ctrl+K then release the keys and press O would open the current tab in a new window – RudyOnRails Feb 6 at 15:50

Select menu FileNew Window from the menu and then open the other folder in the new window.


If you want to open multiple instances of the same folder, then it is not currently supported. Watch and upvote this GitHub issue if you want to see it implemented: Support to open a project folder in multiple Visual Studio Code windows


You can also create a shortcut with an empty filename

"%LOCALAPPDATA%\Local\Code\Code.exe" ""

I like opening Visual Studio Code from the run prompt/dialog instead, with a sweet and simple cmd /c code -n. Since the run dialog also maintains your command history on a per user basis, it is very convenient. One click and go -

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Multiple instances of the same project


You cannot open multiple instances of the same folder but a workaround I have found is to open different folders.


So, here I might open components, models and tests in different windows and then I can view them on my three monitors.

It sounds a bit simple but this has helped me a lot.


To open a new instance with your project loaded from terminal, just type code <directory-path>


Starting with our 0.9.0 release, we added a new setting window.reopenFolders to control if Visual Studio Code should restore all folders of the previous session.

By default only the last active window you worked on will be restored, but if you change this setting to all, Visual Studio Code will reopen all folders in their windows automatically.


In Linux (tested with Ubuntu and Kali Linux) you can also right click the tile on the dock and select New Window.


You can open multiple windows (from the menu or by running the code executable again).

However, unfortunately there seems to be no way to actually have separate instances at the moment. For example, if you have two shells open with different environments in each (different paths, etc.), launching code for both will result in the second window sharing the same paths as the first, and ignoring the environment it was launched from.


Multiple VS Code windows can be opened on the same effective folder if each opens the folder through a different path. For example, on Windows, a project in C:\Git\MyProject could be open in one instance of VS Code, while \MyPC\c$\Git\MyProject is open in another instance. If the admin share (c$) isn't available or suitable, an explicit share can be constructed that provides the necessary access.

No, this isn't an ideal solution.


If you have all your JavaScript files in multiple folders under one folder that works out very well, and that's what I did:

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