How can vertical rulers (note the plural) be configured in Visual Studio Code?

In Sublime Text 2 I do

"rulers": [72, 80, 100, 120]


"editor.rulers": [72, 80]


"editor.ruler": 80

seem to work.


VS Code 0.10.10 introduced this feature. To configure it, go to File > Preferences > Settings and add this to to your user or workspace settings:

"editor.rulers": [80,120]

The color of the rulers can be customized like this:

"workbench.colorCustomizations": {
    "editorRuler.foreground": "#ff4081"

In addition to global "editor.rulers" setting, it's also possible to set this on a per-language level.

For example, style guides for python projects often specify either 79 or 120 characters.

So in your settings.json, you'd put:

"[python]": {
    "editor.rulers": [

With Visual Studio Code 1.27.2, when I go to File > Preference > Settings, I get the following tab.


I enter rulers in Search settings and I get the following list of settings.


Clicking on the first Edit in settings.json, I can edit the user settings.


Clicking on the pen icon that appears to the left of the setting in Default user settings I can copy it on the user settings and edit it.


VS Code: Version 1.14.2 (1.14.2)

  1. Type Shift+Command+p to open panel.
  2. Enter "settings.json" to open setting files.
  3. At default setting, you can see this:

    // Columns at which to show vertical rulers
    "editor.rulers": [],

    This means the empty array won't show the vertical rulers.

  4. At right window "user setting", add the following:

    "editor.rulers": [140]

Save the file, and you will see the rulers.

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