Current observed behavior:

  • invoke VSCodeSetup.exe
  • install happens with no prompting
  • Code opens, which was a little surprising for a Windows package

I'm creating a Chocolatey package, and ideally, what I want:

  • no banner during install (but can live with it)
  • Code can't open! That's a deal breaker for a package manager, guys!

I realize that the thing just shipped v 0.1.0 and what I want may not be possible, but just wanted this out in the open in case 1) it is possible and 2) others can help me figure out how. Otherwise, upvote the question and I'll submit an ER.


Because it uses Squirrel, you can just use -s https://github.com/Squirrel/Squirrel.Windows/blob/92e7af66b1593f951527dd88289a4ed1bee4bcdd/src/Update/Program.cs#L109

Also https://chocolatey.org/packages/VisualStudioCode#files


Since December the official installer supports this with the added commandline


Note that as of 1.10.x the -s switch no longer works on Windows 10. Use /SILENT, however, this still shows a dialog form with a "Cancel" button, when invoked interactively. Include /mergetasks=!runcode to suppress the launch after installation is completed. Tested on Windows 10 build 15058.

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