We have a custom taglet for our javadocs that requires tools.jar as a dependency, but maven hardcodes the jar location in the released pom.xml.

For that dependency in maven we use the ${java.home} parameter in our pom.xml, but after the project is built the path for that tools.jar is hardcoded to whatever JDK it was built with:

cat ~/.m2/repository/.../client.pom

I've thought about changing the scope to test but then we can't use the ${java.home} parameter.

Is there a way to either keep the parameterized path, reconfigure the pom/project so the javadocs are separate, or make maven realize it won't need it at runtime?

  • you shouldn't care about this path. since it's system dependency, it's not transitive, the projects that depend on your project don't inherit it. – Daniel Sperry May 1 '15 at 4:20

Maven supports custom taglets directly using the maven-javadoc-plugin.

For more information, please see the official Maven documentation. It is so clearly described that it doesn't make sense repeating the code here. This can be setup in the <report> section or the <build> section. Within the <build> section, you would likely need to custom tie it to the appropriate build phase too.

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