I started to use Hammer JS for touch and swipe gestures. As described in documentation event.target returns DOM object, where tap or press were initiated, but in my case I need whole dome object where event was attached.

For example, if I have DOM structure like this:

<div class="wrapper">
  <div class="title">Test Title</div>
  <div class="content">Some content<div>

and I attach event to whole .wapper object, when tap will initiated on .title element, event.target will return .title, not .wrapper

So how to catch not target but whole wrapper, where event attached?

  • I know this question is kind of old, but did you ever get it answered? – Thomas Oct 15 '15 at 16:58
  • Unfortunately I couldn't handle tap event properly and changed it with click. I use Hammer for swipe events only. – zur4ik Oct 16 '15 at 7:36
  • Ok, thank you for your reply :) – Thomas Oct 16 '15 at 9:14

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