We are planning to move a Spring based application to Cloud Foundry. The application currently uses WAS server and access data sources using JNDI lookup. We are using spring features like MVC, AOP etc. I have certain questions in mind :

  1. Is it possible to switch to Tomcat and configure dataSources using Spring-cloud-connectors and possible conflicts we might run into ?
  2. Currently , datasources are configured in XML files, Should I use the same XML files or switch to annotations.

Can anyone please provide some clarity over this and other known issues with this approach?

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Spring Cloud Connectors are by far the easiest way to bind to data sources in Cloud Foundry. I would recommend converting your JNDI lookups to use these service connections as described here:



cloud foundry automatically reconfigures your datasource when it find a database service attached the cloud app. its super coooool....

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