I created an app called "world" following the instructions from: https://blog.openshift.com/12-tips-for-hosting-wordpress-on-openshift/.

It's a hosted Wordpress blog, with PHP 5.4 scalable up to 1GB, with a Web Load Balancer and MySQL 5.5.

Everytime I try to check for the space used, I get the same error.

rhc show-app world --gears quota

Unable to connect to gear 54d48383fcf933f91f0000aa@54d48383fcf933f91f0000aa-laurapons.rhcloud.com
Unable to connect to gear 54d48383fcf933f91f0000a9@world-laurapons.rhcloud.com
Gear                     Cartridges           Used Limit
------------------------ ------------------- ----- -----
54d48383fcf933f91f0000aa mysql-5.5           error  1 GB
54d48383fcf933f91f0000a9 haproxy-1.4 php-5.4 error  1 GB

I tried to restart the application (using restart and stop&start commands) but nothing seems to work.

I am also facing some other connection problems (probably related to the same issue): I have the same problem when trying to clone the application with git clone:

ssh: connect to host world-laurapons.rhcloud.com port 22: Bad file number
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

And also with the rhc port-forward world

I copied the URL for git clone from the openshift online dashboard, and I can open the wordpress blog and see all the information, but somehow, I'm unable to access to the data.

I have already created a default Public Key and 2 authorisations (one to access through the browser and the other to access through RHC)...

What should I try? How can I get the usage? Do I need to set up anything else?

I am stuck... any suggestion?


rhc with some ruby version will have issue with pageant (putty). I closed pageant, ran again rhc command then it worked.


Sounds like your SSH key is not working properly. Make sure you installed your keys and that they are working. Try running 'rhc setup'. If that still doesn't work try

ssh -vvv 54d48383fcf933f91f0000a9@world-laurapons.rhcloud.com

and look at the output.

You can also try using

ssh -i /path/to/your/ssh.key 54d48383fcf933f91f0000a9@world-laurapons.rhcloud.com

And see if that works (specifies what ssh key to use)

  • Ok, I'll try it and fwd, thanks. Just to mention, I've just tried it under Mac, the authorization token was expired, but after setting the pwd, everything worked. It could be because I was trying it under Windows, and when running rhc setup I had to install net-ssh -v 2.9.3.beta1 as suggested in stackoverflow.com/questions/28896733/… ? After installing this package, rhc setup was working, but I couldn't access to the gears... Anyway, I will try it again with Windows, but from now I can see the gears are 10% full :) Many thanks!! – laurapons May 1 '15 at 18:20

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