In my work we use a CMS, and I'm not entirely sure how everything is set up, but I'm having issues using anchors in my links. For example, when I have a link to another portion of the site and I try to append an anchor, such as mysite.com#video-anchor, the url inside of the <a></a> tags gets appended with UTM tags: "mysite.com/utm_campaign=...", and the #video-anchor just doesn't show up in the final URL. The result is just linking to the page, but without scrolling to the anchor that I specified. Any help?


You should use the #anchor parameter at the end, with the UTM after the URL, like this



This sounds like an issue with the CMS rather than anything to do with Google Analytics. I would contact support for the CMS, or edit your question title nad tag to include the name of the CMS.


Anchors don't work as they usually do when you add utm's to a URL. In fact, they break the UTM altogether. Make sure you're adding the anchor to the end of the UTM query string if you want it to work. This Webmasters post should help:


  • Thanks for your response. However the problem I'm having is when I'm setting a link via the <a></a> tags. How do I specify an anchor in a link where the UTM tags have not been added yet? – xheyhenry May 6 '15 at 17:37

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