I have NUnit installed at this directory.

C:\Program Files\NUnit 2.5.5\bin\net-2.0

I made the directory beneath a GAC.


and copied the nunit.framework.dll, but I got the same error.

When I try to run my unit test (mut.dll) in some random directory. I get the following error. I have to copy the mut.dll under the NUnit directory in order to run it.

ProcessModel: Default    DomainUsage: Single
Execution Runtime: net-2.0
Could not load file or assembly 'nunit.framework, Version=, Culture=n
eutral, PublicKeyToken=96d09a1eb7f44a77' or one of its dependencies. The system
cannot find the file specified.
  • What went wrong? How can I install/copy the assembly inside a GAC?

You could add the NUnit directory to your PATH environment variable, that might take care of it.

Otherwise, check out this stack overflow post for other ideas.

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