I want to open a existing PDF document in my hard disk.How can I open a PDF document and view it with itextsharp? Or do i have to use adobe PDF reader component to view PDF.

If I use adobe PDF reader component to view PDF document, is it possible to use feature of itextsharp such as split/merge documents, extract images? I'm using c#


iTextSharp is not a viewer, hence it is not possible to open a PDF document using iTextSharp if you want to view the document the way you would view it in Adobe Reader. There is a Windows based GUI to open documents with iText (it's called iText RUPS), but it will show you what's inside the PDF document, not what is visible on the outside.

So the answer to your question do i have to use Adobe Reader component to view PDF? is YES!

However, Adobe Reader is a viewer, not a tool to split/merge documents. You need Adobe Acrobat if you want to split/merge documents.

One can copy/paste an image from a PDF using Adobe Acrobat or Reader manually (for instance by selecting the image, right-clicking and selecting Save as image), but the EULA of those doesn't allow you to do this from code. They are end user desktop products. You can not use them on a server or inside another application.

  • So I should use adobe reader component to view a document.That is okay.I want to implement those features in my application.So can i use those features using itextsharp to a PDF document opened using adobe reader component? – user3280033 May 2 '15 at 16:53
  • 1
    When a document is opened in Adobe Reader, it can't be accessed by any other software: see stackoverflow.com/a/29590590/1622493 (Moreover: how would you control iTextSharp from Adobe Reader? Please reconsider your design and rephrase your question.) – Bruno Lowagie May 2 '15 at 17:04

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