I'm trying to accomplish the simple (in theory...) task of letting a user of my Android app make a payment to another user of the app. It seems that Paypal is the only viable way to do this (at least in Europe), so I went to their site and found a link to their Android SDK. Cool, however after some reading it turns out that this SDK only allows payments from the user to the app's account, and not from a user to another user.

So I did some research and it seems that there is something called Mobile Payment Libraries which does the job. Wonderful, however they explicitly say on their site that this is old and will be totally replaced by the new SDK.

Ok, I then continued my research and found out that these libraries are based on the "Adaptive Payments API", which is a set of REST APIs which seem to do exactly what I need. However their documentation seems tailor-made for browser - not mobile - applications. For example, you need to login on a web page to authenticate the payment, and I would prefer to avoid this in favour of a totally in-app user experience.

Bottom line: after some hours spent reading a bunch of cahotic documentation, I'm back to the starting point. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong places, but this should be a very common use-case and had imagined it would take a couple of lines of code with a decent libary.

So I'm asking: is anyone able to provide a working example of an Android Activity allowing the user to pay another user by inserting his Paypal credentials and the recipient's email?

  • I'm currently struggling the same as you. Did you find a solution? I'm happy to switch from PayPal to some other service. – David Vávra Aug 9 '16 at 13:54
  • Same here. Any progress? – eskalera Dec 14 '17 at 13:34

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