I am trying to install FFMPEG to work with my NodeJs server. I am using heroku-buildpack-multi plugin:
heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=https://github.com/ddollar/heroku-buildpack-multi.git

I have created a .buildpacks (without extesion) file at my github repository. This is what it includes:


Each time i am trying to push my changes to heroku, this is what i get:

-----> Fetching custom git buildpack... failed ! Push rejected, error fetching custom buildpack

Unforlunatly, there is not much information regarding ffmpeg installtion on heroku. What am i missing here?


I just tried this with a demo app I cloned from Heroku:


I was able to deploy successfully following the same steps you listed above, except I added an 's' to the end of your second buildpack (you have a typo - could this be the issue?): https://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-nodejs

I would recommend following the same process with a fresh codebase to help troubleshoot your environment. But note two things: 1) The heroku-buildpack-multi plugin you're using is deprecated, and 2) Heroku officially supports multiple buildpacks:


and has an officially supported ffmpeg buidback you can use:


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