How can i parse this json with GSON to my model?

Thanks for help.

{ "Kod":"XU100", "Son Değer":"83.947", "En Düşük":"83.947", "En Yüksek":"86.355" },


Would be like:

private String kod;

@SerializedName("Son Değer")
private String sonDeger;

@SerializedName("En Düşük")
private String enDusuk;

@SerializedName("En Yüksek")
private String enYuksek;

//Getters and Setters

And then:

YourClass yourClass = gson.fromJson(json, YourClass.class);
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  • Thanks for help. Main problem is from android studio encoding. i change to iso and fixed my problem – isa_can May 4 '15 at 5:59

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