Consider a Spring Data Jpa Repository:

public interface UserRepository extends JpaRepository<User, Long> {

    User findOneByDeletedIsFalseAndActivationKey(String activationKey);

    List<User> findAllByDeletedIsFalseAndActivatedIsFalseAndCreatedDateBefore(DateTime dateTime);

    User findOneByDeletedIsFalseAndLogin(String login);

    User findOneByDeletedIsFalseAndEmail(String email);


Notice each method has "DeletedIsFalse" in it. Is there a simple way to make method names shorter? Like i.e.:

User findOneByEmail(String email);
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Use default Java 8 feature for wrapping, just like so:

interface UserInterface extends JpaRepository<User, Long> {

    // use findOneByEmail instead
    User findOneByDeletedIsFalseAndEmail(String email);
    default User findOneByEmail(String email) {
        return findOneByDeletedIsFalseAndEmail(email);

See an example.

With Kotlin, you can use extension functions, for example:

interface UserRepository : JpaRepository<User, Long> {

    // use findOneByEmail instead
    fun findOneByDeletedIsFalseAndEmail(email: String): User

fun UserRepository.findOneByEmail(email: String) =

Now you can use Java 8 default interface methods as @Maksim Kostromin described. But there is no such a feature in Spring.

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There is no such a way. You can specify any name for a method and add an annotation @Query with parameter value which holds desired query to database like this:

@Query(value="select u from User u where u.deleted=false and u.email=:email")
User findOneByEmail(@Param("email")String email);

or, with native sql query:

@Query(value="SELECT * FROM users WHERE deleted=false AND email=?1", nativeQuery=true)
User findOneByEmail(String email);

You can also use names that follow the naming convention for queries since @Query annotation will take precedence over query from method name.

@Query docs


from Spring docs:

Although getting a query derived from the method name is quite convenient, one might face the situation in which ... the method name would get unnecessarily ugly. So you can either use JPA named queries through a naming convention ... or rather annotate your query method with @Query.

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