I am using CakePHP 3.x and have an issue with hours.

I have correct hours in my database (MySQL). When my application displays these hours, I have hours in UTC instead of my records. In others words, I have 10:00 recorded in my database and 08:00 displayed on my website

According to the Cookbook, I tried to change




in config/bootstrap.php

But I still got times in UTC. Maybe I missed something ?

Thanks in advance


I found this solution :

In config/app.php, leave timezone in Datasources array empty :

'Datasources' => [
    'default' => [
        /* previous code */
        'timezone' => '',
        /* next code */

I don't know if it's correct but it works


For CakePHP 3.0, Set default timezone in bootstrap.php Line 95-99

 * Set server timezone to UTC. You can change it to another timezone of your
 * choice but using UTC makes time calculations / conversions easier.

List of PHP Timezones.

To keep it in sync with Database, also set the Database timezone in app.php Line 216-238

'Datasources' => [
    'default' => [
        'className' => 'Cake\Database\Connection',
        'driver' => 'Cake\Database\Driver\Mysql',
        'persistent' => false,
        'host' => 'localhost',
         * CakePHP will use the default DB port based on the driver selected
         * MySQL on MAMP uses port 8889, MAMP users will want to uncomment
         * the following line and set the port accordingly
        //'port' => 'non_standard_port_number',
        'username' => 'root',
        'password' => '',
        'database' => 'invoicing',
        'encoding' => 'utf8',
        'timezone' => '+8:00', // It can be UTC or "+10:00" or "-4:00"
        'flags' => [],
        'cacheMetadata' => true,
        'log' => false,

MySQL Reference


date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Paris'); is used to show date('Y-m-d') or similar information in a timezone or it will affect at the time of saving information and will store in paris timezone instead of UTC , changing it will only affect how the information is saved.Check here for more info:


if you want to change how information is to be shown in different time zones for each user always save information in one timezone always , check below:


echo $this->Time->format( $post->created, \IntlDateFormatter::FULL, null, $user->time_zone );

  • Do you mean that the application is changing records to match with UTC ? I used ini_set('intl.default_locale', 'fr_FR'); to format dates. – Jun May 4 '15 at 12:04
  • If you have changed value from UTC to Europe/Paris it is now saving created modified time as per current Europe/Paris time now . – Abhishek May 4 '15 at 12:06
  • I still don't get why displayed hours are different from stored hours. Why does it change if the timezone is set to Europe/Paris ? – Jun May 4 '15 at 12:15
  • how you are displaying date ? – Abhishek May 4 '15 at 12:20
  • I'm displaying the date attribute of the entity : <?= h($demande->date_modif) ?> – Jun May 4 '15 at 12:27

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