we have application deployed over wildfly 8.1 . All works fine for jsps , but whenever I put a slash , browser shows source code of jsp. This is an issue from security.

Can I handle this at wildfly or undertow configuration level .

For example :

localhost:8080/TaskManager/login.jsp/ - show jsp source code

localhost:8080/TaskManager/login.jsp - works perfect

One solution I am aware of is to put all my jsp inside WEB-INF , but I am looking to handle it at server level.

If it possible , if yes how ? Please help

Thanks, Abhinav

Asked same question at https://developer.jboss.org/message/927301#927301 but didn't get any response yet.

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This seems to be a serious issue in the Undertow (web subsystem in the WildFly) - I've reported it in the WildFly issue tracker: WFLY-4595

Thanks. Bug is resolved on Undertow master branch.

https://developer.jboss.org/message/927301#927301 look this link for more details.

Servlet filter class have do filter method. this method write below code.

    String url = req.getRequestURL().toString();
    ((HttpServletResponse) response).setStatus(HttpServletResponse.SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY);
    ((HttpServletResponse) response).sendRedirect(contextPath + ERROR_PAGE);

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