Is it available for HTML5 and CSS3 support PHP IDE ? In this days, I'm using espresso in Mac. But espresso is lacking dictionaries for HTML5. So, I want to know , What IDE support HTML5 and CSS3 ?

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I'm not totally sure, but I would definitely recommend checking out a JetBrains product. They've got some new IDEs for Python and PHP. I've been using PyCharm for quite a while now and its been excellent. It looks like WebStorm does support HTML5 - so I assume the Python and PHP equivalents do as well. Hope this helps!


I guess a good one would be aptana studio.

It is very popular and has a lot of features that support html5 and css3, also a lot of library support such as jquery.

If you think it is too heavy, like me, you can also use Eclipse with pdt, it has decent support for html5 and css3.


The newest Version of Adobe Dreamweaver also is a charm, if you are willing to pay for and don't rely on freeware

  • True, it works great, I use it a lot too. Pretty expensive tho. Nov 25, 2011 at 0:39

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