If someone ever needed to use @Primary on Spring Data repositories: It looks like Spring Data JPA ignores @Primary annotations on repositories.

As a workaround I have created BeanFactoryPostProcessor which checks if given repository has @Primary annotation and sets that bean as primary.

This is the code:

public class SpringDataPrimaryPostProcessor implements BeanFactoryPostProcessor {
    public static final String REPOSITORY_INTERFACE_PROPERTY = "repositoryInterface";

    public void postProcessBeanFactory(ConfigurableListableBeanFactory beanFactory) throws BeansException {

    protected List<BeanDefinition> getRepositoryBeans(ConfigurableListableBeanFactory beanFactory) {
        List<BeanDefinition> springDataRepositoryDefinitions = Lists.newArrayList();
        for (String beanName : beanFactory.getBeanDefinitionNames()) {
            BeanDefinition beanDefinition = beanFactory.getBeanDefinition(beanName);

            String beanClassName = beanDefinition.getBeanClassName();
            try {
                Class<?> beanClass = Class.forName(beanClassName);
                if (isSpringDataJpaRepository(beanClass)) {
            } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
                throw new ApplicationContextException(String.format("Error when trying to create instance of %s", beanClassName), e);

        return springDataRepositoryDefinitions;

  protected void makeRepositoriesPrimary(List<BeanDefinition> repositoryBeans) {
    for (BeanDefinition repositoryBeanDefinition : repositoryBeans) {
        String repositoryInterface = (String) repositoryBeanDefinition.getPropertyValues().get(REPOSITORY_INTERFACE_PROPERTY);
            if (isPrimary(repositoryInterface)) {
                log.debug("Making site repository bean primary, class: {}", repositoryInterface);

protected boolean isSpringDataJpaRepository(Class<?> beanClass) {
    return RepositoryFactoryInformation.class.isAssignableFrom(beanClass);

private boolean isPrimary(String repositoryInterface) {
    return AnnotationUtils.findAnnotation(getClassSafely(repositoryInterface), Primary.class) != null;

    private Class<?> getClassSafely(String repositoryInterface) {
        try {
            return Class.forName(repositoryInterface);
        } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
            throw new ApplicationContextException(String.format("Error when trying to create instance of %s", repositoryInterface), e);

I tried applying the solution to spring boot application having two Mongo repositories. But it was not able to find repositoryInterface in propertyValues. Further investigation revealed that there is an attribute to identify the repository interface factoryBeanObjectType.

So changing the code in method makeRepositoriesPrimary()from:

String repositoryInterface = (String) repositoryBeanDefinition.getPropertyValues().get(REPOSITORY_INTERFACE_PROPERTY);


String repositoryInterface = (String) repositoryBeanDefinition.getAttribute("factoryBeanObjectType");

worked as expected.

Hope this helps.

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