All I'm trying to do is create 4 linked tables to 4 views in a sql database. 3 of them work fine, the other one gives me this error when I try to open it. It does take a long time to open it from sql mgmt studio (almost 3 mins). Searching online I can only find where people suggest changing the timeout property from design view, but when I open the linked table in design view there is no timeout property to be found. I can only see that when I open an actual query. I have already increased the timeout property in the registry for QueryTimeout to 5mins, yet I still get the timeout error after 60 secs. Hopefully I am making sense to someone :) Thanks for any help.

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You can set the timeout in your ADO connection object, or in the Access database options. Here's a screenshot from Access 2013. Look for the OLE/DDE timeout under the Client Settings.

enter image description here


Hi another place to change the timeout is at the property sheet in case the one above didn't work.

enter image description here

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