What is the recommended way in handling file stream GET, POST AND DELETE operations. I got following link on how to do it but its for V3 version. While porting this solution to OData V4 Iran into bunch of issues which raised following questions.

  1. Is the Stream support is available in Odata V4?
  2. If Yes, How do I set HasStream property on IEdmEntityType. The IEdmModel.SetHasDefaultStream seems like deprecated now in V4.
  3. Is there any sample which explains how I can go ahead with enabling POST, GET for stream in OData V4 Service.


If this feature not yet built up in web apis yet do we have any future release plans for this?



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Opened an issue on GitHub, please refer to https://github.com/OData/WebApi/issues/328#issuecomment-101205048.

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