I have an issue that any span and label have margin or padding as a child of td of the table.

This issue is the top and bottom margin got ignored inside the td, I mean the left and right padding works and the element get the top and bottom too but td hide the margin-top, padding-top, margin-bottom and padding-bottom inside it do not resize the cell height automatically, it is respecting top and bottom margins or paddings, it is acting like you have overflow: hidden for that td with fixed height.

The following JSFiddle links show the full code and case :


I found a simple solution, it is to add change the display of the inline elements to inline-block, seems the td height not read the top/bottom margin/padding of inline children.

change the style like this :

span {
   display: inline-block;

jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/0f4jzdmk/3/

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