I'm trying to use karma, chai and sinon to test spy.

  • First I did npm install karma-sinon --save-dev
  • Second I added: frameworks: ['mocha','chai','chai-sinon']
  • Later, karma start

But I'm getting this error: Error: No provider for "framework:chai-sinon"! (Resolving: framework:chai-sinon)

  • Can you post your package.json file? FWIW it looks like you misspelled sinon-chai as chai-sinon.. fix the typo and make sure you installed that package as well – user463231 Jun 4 '15 at 1:55

I had the same problem by simply adding the chai entry to the Frameworks section of my karma.conf.js script did not solve the problem. Following this Github Issue I found that you need to install the karma-cli globally, and everything else can be local and work.

 npm install --save-dev karma
 npm install -g karma-cli
 npm install --save-dev karma-phantomjs-launcher karma-chai karma-sinon

Did you add the 'karma-chai-sinon' to your plugins in your karma.conf.js

My plugins looks like this:

plugins: [ 'karma-chai-sinon', 'karma-mocha', 'karma-phantomjs-launcher', 'karma-babel-preprocessor' ]

During going through PluralSight course on Gulp I've come into the same problem.

This issue was due to lack of npm modules that are required. The string that helped me is this:

npm install --save-dev karma karma-chai karma-chai-sinon karma-chrome-launcher karma-coverage karma-growl-reporter karma-mocha karma-phantomjs-launcher karma-sinon mocha mocha-clean sinon-chai sinon phantomjs

Initially I've misspelled the karma-chai-sinon as karma-chai sinon so it successfully installed every dependency but resulted in the error.

So please try it. I've got the same error.

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    This might be ok for a beginner just trying things out(even then not really) but brute force installing a bunch of packages hoping one works is not a good habit. – user463231 Jun 4 '15 at 1:57

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