While attaching an object to window of the active tab in main.js, I get following error:

 Message: TypeError: getBrowserForTab(...) is undefined

Here is the code that I've used to attach the object:

var { getTabs, getTabContentWindow } = require('sdk/tabs/utils');
tabs.on('load', function(tab) {
    var window = getTabContentWindow(tab);    
    window.myObject = {
     data: "sample"

The problem is that the tabs.on('load', function(tab) {}) is a part of the high-level API, whereas getTabContentWindow from require('sdk/tabs/utils') works on low-level XUL tabs. Use viewFor from sdk/view/core to transform:

var { viewFor } = require("sdk/view/core");
var window = getTabContentWindow(viewFor(tab))
  • I was struggling with the same problem as the poster. For future reference, where in the Mozilla's SDK website is that documented? – miguelg Sep 8 '15 at 10:57

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