I am not sure that I understand the orange exclamation mark on SmartGit as below, please could someone explain a little bit what does it mean?

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The orange exclamation point shows pending merge requests on the branch from your remote repository. If you hover over the orange exclamation point it will show "Pending merge requests: Bitbucket", or whatever remote repository you use such as GitHub. I tested this by merging or declining inbound merge requests. Once nothing was left pending, the exclamation point went away.

There is a general reference to this functionality in the release notes (you may need to scroll down to find your version):

Smartgit - Whats New

Specifically from there for Version 7:

BitBucket and Atlassian Stash

BitBucket and Atlassian Stash are now supported with pull requests and comments, similar to GitHub.

There is also all the new features and bug fixes in the changelog found here:

Smartgit Changelog

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    Good catch. +1. I reference your answer in mine for more visibility. – VonC Sep 10 '15 at 5:49

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