I've installed prestashop and I've created a product and created 2 products attributes:

  • Brand (containing Apple and Samsung)
  • Model (containing iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 56, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, etcc..)

And this is how they are arranged together:

enter image description here

When looking at the product this shows Brand and Model as a dropdown list, which is great, but when selecting Apple, shows ALL of the Models, and if I select Apple > Galaxy S3 just says "The product does not exist in this model".

Is there a way I can HIDE any non-matching Models based on their Brand? (When selecting Apple only the one for apple should show up).

enter image description here


I sorted the problem with Attribute Wizard module. This module allows you to filter attributes according to the existing combination, as in the sown example.


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