In the documentation for batik, it shows how to get an instance of the DOM implementation from the class org.apache.batik.dom.svg.SVGDOMImplementation.

However, after downloading Batik 1.8 from the same site, I cannot find this class anywhere.

I downloaded the 1.7 version and found it in batik-svg-dom.jar but it does not exist in the same jar within 1.8 (or as far as I can tell in any of the jars in that package).

Has this class been renamed / refactored / replaced? If so how do you get an instance of the DOM implementation in batik 1.8?


I found the answer, embedded in the maillist thread posted in @Ajay's answer.

It seems that in order to solve this bug, they have moved SVGDOMImplementation into package org.apache.batik.anim.dom, which lives in the jar file batik-anim-1.8.jar.

As at the time of writing, the batik web site had not yet been updated, and for some reason this change was also not highlighted in the release notes.

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I'm having same issue, looks like we need to drop back to 1.7.. 1.8 is unstable as suggested in of the thread


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I had the same issue with Apache Batik 1.8. The official binaries of that version are not compatible. To get the version 1.8 work I had to replace fop-transcoder-allinone-1.1.jar by fop-transcoder-allinone-2.2.jar which I took from Apache Batik 1.9.

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Download binary of Apache Batik1.8 it makes life easier with above problem. Include only that in your project. That's enough. Here is the link.

Note that binaries are nothing but source code compiled into Java Archive files (JARs) they are the one's that execute on JVM.

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