Can someone please explain the following MATLAB expression:


I understand that all rows columns 1 to 5 from FX1 are copied. What I dont follow is the left side expression.


Your LHS-Matrix is a kind of 3D-Object. Thus you are inserting all field from all rows and columns 1 to 5 from FX1 into "second layer" of Matrix_I all rows and columns 1 to 5.
You can think of that as a slice of 3D-cube resulting in a 2D plane into which your data from FX1 gets inserted. Hope that helps.


As I don't know the dimensions of your actual matrix, I have taken the dimensions of my own convenience.

FX1 of dimensions 5x7
Matrix_l of dimensions 5x5x6

To understand physically, A vertical slice (visualize a black board) is copied to 2nd Horizontal slice (visualize the floor) of a 3D matrix.

enter image description here

The first 5 columns of the 2D matrix (i.e the one at the right - FX1 in your case) is copied to 2nd row and 1st 5 units in the 3rd dimensions of your 3D matrix (i.e the one at the left - Matrix_l in your case)

Also, can handle even more higher dimensions. Physically imagining those would be impossible. Still it's worth to know how this works.

Also take a look at Indexing and Colon(:) operator for more.

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    Nice visualisation! – Edric May 7 '15 at 7:17
  • @Edric, Thanks :) – Santhan Salai May 7 '15 at 7:21
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    +1 for me. It's actually nice to see a visualization of what is actually happening when performing matrix slicing. – rayryeng - Reinstate Monica May 9 '15 at 17:35
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