Here I write some js code in kettle Modified Java Script Value step (which use Rhino engine), to use java API. Actually, all the code works well. For example:

var fileInputStream = new java.io.FileInputStream(filePath); //new file object

But if I want to use the inner class, how could I new inner class in js environment? Here is the demo:

public class Out{
   public static class In {
       public String test = "Hello";
//use inner class
Out.In in = new Out.In();
System.out.print(in.test); // successful!!

var out = new Out();    // successful
var in = new Out.In();  // error here.

error message

org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined@55516dbb is not a function, it is undefined

We can find that, javascript compiler view In() as a function of class Out, but actually In() is the inner class of Out.

From the Internet, I find that Nashorn, a newer javascript engine, supports scripts access java inner access, which grammar is that

var Float = Java.type("java.awt.geom.Arc2D$Float"); // using $ to indicate inner class

My question is that, how can I new a inner class from Rhino??? There must be several methods somewhere.

Any help is greatly needed!!


I have no experience with kettle, but according to the error message, Rhino JavaScript engine is used there. I guess, the problem is not with inner classes, but with absence of Packages. prefix. By default only java. top-level package is imported to Rhino JavaScript context. Other classes are accessible using Packages. prefix. If your Out class is located in the default package, try to use

var in = new Packages.Out.In();

If not, prepend it with the full package name. For example, if your Java code appears in com.example package, use

var in = new Packages.com.example.Out.In();

For more information see Rhino documentation.

  • Thanks for your suggestion :D. But I guess the problem is not related to the prefix. Because I have successfully create the object of Out class. var out = new org.pentaho.di.trans.Out(); //success and creating inner class is failed. var in = new out.In(); //error. – Eagle May 7 '15 at 9:49

Just put your Out class into any package, e.g. org.Out.
Then use it from JavaScript like this new org.Out.In().test;

You are trying to do smth equivalent to Java Out o = new Out(); new o.In(); // compilation error here

And this also will not work in Java. So I think it is not a Rhino issue at all

Also you can try to write var field = new org.pentaho.di.trans.steps.mongodboutput.MongoDbOutputMeta.MongoField();

  • Sorry for my syntax error in the first comment. And I tried var field = new Packages.org.pentaho.di.trans.TransMeta(sourcePath).findStep("MongoDB Output").getStepMetaInterface().MongoField(); The error message is the same, Cannot find function MongoField in object org.pentaho.di.trans.steps.mongodboutput.MongoDbOutputMeta@3fb075f3. – Eagle May 8 '15 at 13:17
  • I reedit your answer because I am trying to new inner class In in this way var in = new Out.In(); // here is the class name Out, not the object out. As a result this works in Java. – Eagle May 8 '15 at 13:20
  • Maybe this situation is not caused by Rhino, but kettle. I shall install Rhino shell to check. – Eagle May 8 '15 at 13:23

Please try this code.

var out = new Out();  
var in = new Out.In(out);

Inner class constructor requires outer class instance.

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