Is there a way to configure Eclipse code formatter for C/C++ to Align fields in columns

//without formatting
int mRect = 0;
int mSquare = 0;
bool isTriangle = false;

//to look like this???
int  mRect      = 0;
int  mSquare    = 0;
bool isTriangle = false;

For Java I found this Eclipse: Auto-align "=" in assignments


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I tried with OCDFormat.jar as described at https://stackoverflow.com/a/18491579, and it works for C++ too.

It would be still nice if we can do this with native eclipse formatter.


The Eclipse plugin columns4eclipse should do the trick (gratis, open source, I use it with Eclipse 4.3 x64 and 4.5 x64 on Windows 7). It is not language-dependent.

(OCDFormat is ok too though a bit less flexible and there is an issue with some (common) operators).

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