I'm frequently getting the following warning from React in my console, which is causing some unexplainable animation bugs.

React CSS Warning

I've checked the following usual suspects:

  • All children of a <ReactCSSTransitionGroup> element have key attributes set.
  • All <ReactCSSTransitionGroup> elements have transitionName properties set.
  • All transitionNames have applicable .example-enter, .example-enter-active, .example-leave, and .example-leave-active classes set with animations lasting less than 5000ms.
  • All ReactCSSTransitionGroup elements are mounted before modifying their children.

Is there anyway to debug this? I've got a relatively large application and React isn't really leading me anywhere to see which DOM element is triggering the warning, or what the transition name is, or basically anything useful.

Update: TimeoutTransitionGroup has much better warning messages, like this:

TimeoutTransitionGroup Warning

  • Are you sure you're adding and removing the children of ReactCSSTransitionGroup? If you add and remove the ReactCSSTransitionGroup itself, it won't animate. – Tobia May 7 '15 at 22:12
  • Ah yes I forgot to mention, I'm also making absolutely sure that the ReactCSSTransitionGroup elements are mounted before modifying the children. I'm definitely modifying the children. – winduptoy May 7 '15 at 22:15


Starting in React 0.14, the buggy browser behavior for detecting transitions has been replaced by manually specifying a timeout; see Alex's answer for details.

[Old Answer]

I'm not sure about the best way to track down which components are having problems, but there are currently (as of v0.13.2) bugs in ReactTransitionGroup and bugs in browser implementations of the animationend/transitionend events that can cause this to happen on occasion. Take a look at issue #1326 for some helpful pointers, as well as an alternative implementation you might try (that uses setTimeout instead of transition events).


Now that v0.14 of React is out, CSSTransitionGroup now takes timeouts just like TimeoutTransitionGroup.

Add-Ons: To improve reliability, CSSTransitionGroup will no longer listen to transition events. Instead, you should specify transition durations manually using props such as transitionEnterTimeout={500}.


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