I have tried reinstalling and rebuilding npm, but the problem still persists.

Initially, the problem is with the module mongodb: I don't have that package, so I installed mongodb using this command npm install mongodb.

It shows me the following error:
dyld: Symbol not found: _node_module_register


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Try deleting your node_modules folder and running npm install again.

rm -rf node_modules/
npm install

That should fix it.

  • same goes for modules installed globally but in ~/.npm/ directory
    – hasnat
    Oct 4, 2015 at 22:21
  • this did not work for me, but sudo npm install worked. May 1, 2020 at 12:42

Basically this error means - some binary packages was built under different node.js versions and not compatible to each other.

  1. Via NVM make sure you are using proper version of node.js, run node -v;
  2. After installing and switching to proper node.js version via nvm run npm update;
  3. After all packages are updated (or downgraded) to compatible versions, run npm rebuild;
  4. Note: npm rebuild might throw errors - just run npm rebuild again and again until it runs successfully.

Note: some commands may ask for root (sudo) permissions, - it depends from how you have installed packages, npm and node itself previously. nvm - never needs to be run as root (sudo).


If you just updated node and are running scripts via WebStorm, make sure you edit your Run/Debug Configurations and update the path to the Node Interpreter. I was using the node in


, but after installing Node 4 using nvm, I need to use


This is what worked for me:

rm -rf node_modules/
sudo npm install
  • should not run with sudo
    – Purefan
    Jan 3 at 13:58

Make sure your nvm is pointing to the correct nodejs version. For me I used different (higher) while installing the npm modules. So just ran **nvm use** v14.7.0

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