Now that my project is successfully completed, we are trying to document lessons learned. One that still confuses me is the following:

We have a database of addresses, and needed to autocomplete when a User started typing in a street name. Using JPA repository, we implemented a PString class (simply a persistent wrapper for a String), and then implemented this interface:

@RepositoryRestResource(collectionResourceRel = "locations", path = "locations")
public interface LocationRepository extends JpaRepository<Location, Integer>, LocationRepositoryCustom {
   List<Location> findByStreetNameAndCommunity_ID(@Param("street") String streetName, @Param("commId") Integer commId);

   @Query("select distinct x.streetName from Location x where x.streetName like :street%")
   List<PString> findStreetNameStartingWith(@Param("street") String streetName);

Trying to call locations/search/findStreetNameStartingWith?street=N%20College over the web resulted in:

{"cause":null,"message":"PersistentEntity must not be null!"}

However, we added a controller to call the method:

public class LocationController {

   private LocationRepository repo;

   @RequestMapping(value = "/findStreetNamesStartingWith", method=RequestMethod.GET)
   public List<PString> findStreetNameStartingWith(
        @Param("streetName") String streetName) {

      return repo.findStreetNameStartingWith(streetName);

Calling /custom/locations/findStreetNamesStartingWith?streetName=N%20Coll returns the expected three results. Why does the method not work if called directly, but runs like a greyhound when we pipe it through a controller?


Make sure you configured Spring Data REST properly, like adding the RepositoryRestConfiguration:

public class CustomizedRestMvcConfiguration extends RepositoryRestMvcConfiguration {

  public RepositoryRestConfiguration config() {
    RepositoryRestConfiguration config = super.config();
    return config;

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