I am learning node.js at the moment and I am creating a little application where I can upload images and display them in a gallery.

Currently I have a form which uploads the image to the server via POST

extends ../layout
block content
  h1 control panel
    form(action="/upload", method="POST",
     enctype="multipart/form-     data")
      input(type="file", name='image')
      input(type="submit", value="Upload Image")

The file is then inserted to a mongodb using mongoose

exports.upload = function (req, res) {  
fs.readFile(req.files.image.path, function (err, data) {
    var imageName = req.files.image.name;
        console.log("seems to be an
        error this file has not got a name");

        var newimage = new Image();
        newimage.img.data = fs.readFileSync(req.files.image.path);
        newimage.img.name  = imageName;
        newimage.save(function (err, a) {
              if (err){
                  console.log("There was an error saving the image")

In my gallery controller I query the database for all the images and pass them to front-end.

exports.gallery = function (req, res) {
Image.find({}, function(err, image){
if (err)
    res.render("site/gallery", {images: image });

And then in my gallery I try create a new image tag for each of the images

extends ../layout
block content
h1 Gallery
  each image in images

My problem is that I keep getting a 404 error because the browser cannot find the image. But I have a feeling that I might be going about this the wrong way. I have seen GridFS but I feel that it is not suitable for this app as the amount of images in the gallery will be less than 20 max. Am I going about the right way to do this or should I be storing the images on the server and retrieving them that way?


You would typically upload the images to your server's machine filesystem or to a static assets cloud hosting service like AWS S3, and store only the URLs of the images in your database.

You could also use a solution like Cloudinary.

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