I am using below code to submit tags using bootstrap tags input filter, I want to allow comma in tags. Please help.

        maxTags: 15,
        trimValue: true,
        confirmKeys: [13],
        allowDuplicates: false,
        onTagExists: function(item, $tag) {
            alert('Tag already exists')


Since the time of the original writing it looks like two options now exist for this: delimiter and delimiterRegex. So you should be able to do .tagsinput({ delimiter: '|' }) or .tagsinput({ delimiterRegex: /\s+/ }). The default is still ,.

Original post

There is no option for that, so you'd have to change the code for the plugin. Line 87 of bootstrap-tagsinput.js splits on the , character. You could change that to be a different character, like ; or |. If you wanted to make it more extensible you could add splitOn: ',' to defaultOptions, then and change line 87 to be var items = item.split(self.options.splitOn);. You can add self.options.splitOn && to the if statement above too, which will keep it from trying to split when there's nothing to split on.

So, the code changes will need to look like this:

// Line 4
var defaultOptions = {
    splitOn: ','
    // ...

// Line 86
if (self.options.splitOn && typeof item === "string" && this.$element[0].tagName === 'INPUT') {
  var items = item.split(self.options.splitOn);
  // ...

You'll want to keep using confirmKeys: [ 13 ], and you'll probably want to use a <select multiple></select> instead of an <input /> so that you get an array instead of a comma separated string when you do $(".tagsinput").val();

Here's an example.

  • splitOn is not available in current js file. – Manish Jangir May 11 '15 at 7:20
  • Just as a clarification for the current version, you have to set: {..., confirmKeys: [13], delimiter: '|', ...} – elachell Jan 9 '18 at 21:41

Add your tags as objects instead of strings, e.g.:

  itemValue: 'value',
  itemText: 'text',
  maxTags: 15,
  trimValue: false,

el.tagsinput('add', { "value": 1 , "text": "Tag 1," });
el.tagsinput('add', { "value": 2 , "text": "Tag 2," });
  • Wouldn't this only work if you're programmatically adding tags? What about having a user type something? – redbmk May 10 '15 at 6:24

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