Hello I use npoi (Port of Apache Poi to .NET) to make many report

I need make a Excel like this Example

Where x1, x2 , x3 .. are dynamically added in row 15 Level | Name | CT | CH | C are repeated for each item

I have this code

int nrow = 13;

row = (HSSFRow)sheet.CreateRow(nrow);
rowBottom = (HSSFRow)sheet.CreateRow(nrow + 1);
ncol = 0;

foreach (Plan plan in planesUltimos) {

    var i = ncol + 1;

    cell = (HSSFCell)rowBottom.CreateCell(i++);

    cell = (HSSFCell)rowBottom.CreateCell(i++);

    cell = (HSSFCell)rowBottom.CreateCell(i++);

    cell = (HSSFCell)rowBottom.CreateCell(i++);

    cell = (HSSFCell)rowBottom.CreateCell(i);

    var cellRange=  new CellRangeAddress(nrow, nrow, ncol + 1, ncol + 5);


    HSSFRegionUtil.SetBorderBottom(NPOI.SS.UserModel.BorderStyle.Medium, cellRange, sheet, wb);
    HSSFRegionUtil.SetBorderTop(NPOI.SS.UserModel.BorderStyle.Medium, cellRange, sheet, wb);
    HSSFRegionUtil.SetBorderRight(NPOI.SS.UserModel.BorderStyle.Medium, cellRange, sheet, wb);
    HSSFRegionUtil.SetBorderLeft(NPOI.SS.UserModel.BorderStyle.Medium, cellRange, sheet, wb);

    cell = (HSSFCell)row.CreateCell(ncol + 1);

    ncol += 5;

But I get this

example 2

As seen in the image:

  • first cell of each range not show border
  • second rowBottom is not showing

I did a test

Change the rowBottom

rowBottom = (HSSFRow)sheet.CreateRow(nrow + 1);


rowBottom = (HSSFRow)sheet.CreateRow(nrow + 2);

And rowBottom is now in report

example 3

But I need together

No I'm doing wrong, there is another problem, in Excel when a change the aling in a row these lose borders

example 4


I comment

//cell = (HSSFCell)row.CreateCell(ncol + 1);

and tun it with rowBottom = (HSSFRow)sheet.CreateRow(nrow + 1); example 5

Ranges have good borders,but still missing the bottom row

  • I suggest you getting rid of CreateRow and CreateCell, because these methods adds new ranges. And your goal is to do procedures with existing cells/rows. I don't know which command in NPOI sets existing range to a variable, but I see you used CellRangeAddress successfully. Regarding no boarders on the second line, I see that var cellRange= new CellRangeAddress(nrow, nrow, ncol + 1, ncol + 5); has only one row, this is why you don't get the border. – ZygD May 10 '15 at 1:30

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