If I have multiple workers running on different nodes, how can I know a task is assigned to which worker then? e.g. here are two workers and; a Redis backend runs on; when a task is sent to the task queue to Redis backend, a worker gets and executes it. The worker is or

In addition, if a worker saying it is running a task and suddenly halt, how can I know the failure? i.e. Is there any built-in fail over mechanism inside Celery?



I solved the problem by searching on Google. The knowledge is mainly from Celery documentation. We can get the hostname of a task-executing worker in task context or use command to get worker machine IP. The task defined as:

import time
import subprocess
from celery import current_task

def report():
    id = current_task.request.id
    ip = subprocess.check_output(
        "ip addr | grep eth0 | grep inet |" +
        " cut -d t -f 2 | cut -d / -f 1", shell=True)
    ip = ip.split('\n')[0].split(' ')[-1]
    hostname = current_task.request.hostname
        id, result={"ip": ip, "hostname":  hostname}, status="READY")
    return {
        "ip": ip,
        "hostname": hostname

If start a worker on a machine or in a container:

celery worker -A node.tasks --hostname="visible_hostname_in_request.hostname"

Then we can use following lines to get worker's IP or hostname:

# python
>>> from node.tasks import report
>>> r = report.delay()
>>> r.result

As far as I know, there is no built-in fail-over mechanism in Celery, thus we need to implement it by self; also we can use 3rd party libs like dispy ...

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