I'm attempting to learn ASP.net and Angular at the same time. What I want to do is display a list of states (which is retrieved in from a database) in a drop down list using Angular. I can get the states to display in a table. This is what I have:

My Controller function:

public ActionResult StateListDistinct()
    var distinctStates = (from w in db.Addresses
                              select new { State =    

        List<string> states = db.Addresses.Select(state => state.address_state).Distinct().ToList();

        return View(states);


My current View:

@model List<String>

<table class="table">

@foreach (var item in Model) {

            @Html.DisplayFor(model => item)



What do I need to do to get a drop down populated using Angular?


You can visit the below link for learning dropdown binding using AngularJs


You can also visit this link http://www.aspdotnet-suresh.com/2015/02/angularjs-bind-set-dropdownlist-value-text-using-ng-options-ng-repeat.html

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    This is a borderline link-only answer. You should expand your answer to include as much information here, and use the link only for reference. – gunr2171 May 15 '15 at 18:40

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