I just made a VPN network between my VPS's and wanted them to run some John the Ripper tasks. I followed this manual, but since 1.8.0 version John the Ripper's Makefile does not have the following lines, which it refers to:

 MPIOBJ = john-mpi.o

There's a legacy Makefile, which has the

 CC = mpicc -DHAVE_MPI

part, but, when I tried to compile with this, I see a lot of errors. I assume this legacy Makefile is not longer supported.

How can I enable OpenMPI support when compiling John the Ripper?

In case it matters, I am running Ubuntu.


Don't use that Makefile. Do this:

./configure --enable-mpi

See if the report gave yes for OpenMPI Then:

make -s
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