I am trying to limit an object coming in by filtering (because there will be an option to show all eventually), however I am running into issues when trying to limitTo and track by index. Here is the code :

 <div ng-repeat="item in filter.values track by $index | limitTo:filterLimit" class="cengage-builder-result-filter-value" value="item" update-filter="updateFilter">

In the controller:

  $scope.filterLimit = 5;

It's saying I have dupes in the angular error so I'm thinking the track by $index isn't working here. Can't seem to find a proper way to do this, could use some help. Thanks!


Filters, like limitTo, orderBy, etc... must come before track by, since they apply to the array source, rather than to the track by expression.

<div ng-repeat="item in filter.values | limitTo:filterLimit track by $index">

Try this Use limitTo before track by

 <div ng-repeat="item in filter.values | limitTo:filterLimit track by $index" class="cengage-builder-result-filter-value" value="item" update-filter="updateFilter">
  • This makes sense, but for some reason nothing at all is showing up when i do this, no errors either – ajmajmajma May 12 '15 at 20:53

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