I'm trying to development an applet (https://github.com/lestcape/Global-AppMenu) to be used in the Cinnamon desktop. My intention is not modify or create any other code than not be cjs (javascript code). All that i do is:

  1. Connect my applet to the com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar and the Gtk Dbus API.
  2. Get all object path from the muffin windows manager (a fork of mutter).
  3. Read and ask things over Dbus and then show the result of that. I used all patches of Unity desktop, as I'm a user of Ubuntu 14.04.

Nemo, Nautilus, File-Roller, gnome-terminal, VLC, SMPlayer, Evince, are examples of applications that currently are working. At the moment, I only have a problem with one application, and this application is Firefox.

I'm pretty sure that i do something wrong, just i don't have any idea of what could be.

Firefox called the com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar service perfectly, i also can trigger the Alt key and firefox don't try to show the menubar inside the window, but after some time (a minute), he emit a layout change signal without menu items, and will show the menubar to the user inside the main window, as is "normally".

My idea is that: this could be, because i'm missing to call some aboutToShow, or because firefox require a confirmation that i receive the menubar, and he required really that this will be done for the same GDBus Connection where he exported the menu bar, but i can not be sure who internally will be handled in that way, as i'm on javascript.

Any way the firefox behavior, apparently is a behavior with an know cause, and what i try to find is the cause of that behavior, to then I will try to find a solution.

Thanks and regards.


Try to look at the about:config page and search for the "ui.use_unity_menubar" entry. As I know, this setting toggle between using unity global menu or normal menu. Maybe this could help you.

Good luck with your applet, I'm waiting for more stable release and then I will give it a try.

  • Thanks, for try to help, but this is not the problem and i suppose that not be any configuration problem. As i say, the menu is loaded and the problem occurs later, when Firefox recovers his menu. – lestcape May 20 '15 at 20:32

Firefox and thunderbird require a returned confirmation value from the Dbus connection, as i say in the question. This value is not returned in the default cinnamon code, i force to return the value and now the problem is resolved. Thanks anyway.

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