I want to save and load a heterogenous list of polymorphic types in MongoEngine. What I ideally want would look like:

from mongoengine import Document, EmbeddedDocument, IntField, StringField
class BaseEmbedded(EmbeddedDocument):
    meta = {'abstract': True}
class FooEmbedded(BaseEmbedded):
    an_int = IntField()
class BarEmbedded(BaseEmbedded):
    a_string = StringField()
class HasList(Document):
    heterogeneous_list = ListField(EmbeddedDocumentField(BaseEmbedded))
has_list = HasList()
has_list.heterogeneous_list = [FooEmbedded(an_int=3), BarEmbedded(a_string='bar')]

The problem is that when saving an EmbeddedDocument, its specific polymorphic type is lost, so there's not enough data to reconstruct my original subclass:

[{"an_int":3}, {"a_string":"bar"}]

Unlike when saving a top-level Document, where the name of the specific class of the Document is the name of the collection in the DB.

I could make BaseEmbedded a DynamicEmbeddedDocument, add a 'type' StringField with appropriate values for each subtype, and reconstruct the list element objects based on the type field.

Is there a better solution I didn't think of?


Mapping JSON to classes is what Mongoengine does and is also supported for embedded documents. You need to set allow_inheritance=True in the embedded document's meta.


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