In my application I want to use QGraphicsItemGroup for grouping items into one item.
I played with it a little and not sure using it because when I want to catch events, events are merged together but I want to handle specific event with specific child.
How can I achieve this?


You need to call QGraphicsItemGroup::setHandlesChildEvents(false). This stops the QGraphicsItemGroup trying to handle the event, and lets the child QGraphicsItems handle them instead.

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I think that's the point of the QGraphicsItemGroup. Judging from the documentation, this is meant to simplify moving and transforming multiple items at once e.g. imagine the following case: a user draws a selection rectangle around several items in an application because he wants to move all of them. Perhaps what you want more is to create a hierarchy of items, e.g. have one parent item with several child items. This way you'll get the individual events for each item. This can be accomplished by calling QGraphicsItem::setParentItem();

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    Every time i have tried to use QGraphicsItemGroup I went back to the plain parent child relationships. The documentation is not very clear on it – Harald Scheirich Jun 11 '10 at 13:11

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