I have set up my Google OAuth

enter image description here

And I have added the code into Startup.Auth.cs

 app.UseGoogleAuthentication(new GoogleOAuth2AuthenticationOptions()
        // LRC
        ClientId = "xxxxxxxxx",
        ClientSecret = "xxxxx"
        //CallbackPath = new PathString("/signin-google")

But after I chose a google account to log in, it redirected me to the login page again,

I checked the network via Chrome and found that the access was denied.


I cannot figure it out.

Please help. Thank you.

Update Now I did something else: 1. I added an annotation( [RequireHttps]) on the Account Controller 2. I enabled the SSL for my project. 2. I updated the url and re-direct url in Google Console to https

Tried to log in with Google, after I selected my Google account, it returned the same access_denied .

It would be better if the response from Google could give more detailed information.


I had the same problem using the latest ASP.Net MVC template with "Individual Accounts" selected.

The solution was to enable the Google+ API for my project in the Google Developer console.

I found my answer here (scroll down to "Changes to Google OAuth 2.0...").

  • Thanks M, that's right. In my case, I also found that I required more information than I could. So after enabled Google+ API AND commented out some lines of code to reduce the required information, the program started to work. – Franva May 29 '15 at 1:47
  • also you must enable ssl on project properties and use https for your site otherwise you will see access_denied issues – Iman Abidi Feb 23 '18 at 14:02
  • Hi Franva, could you tell me how to solved the problem? I use https, set my url into authorized javascript origins, enable GoogleAPI+ but I get alway access_denied and I get 302 status code. – user2896152 Mar 7 at 16:19

The same error happened to me for Facebook provider.

Turns out the solution was as simple as updating the nuget package to 3.1.

It turns out that Facebook did a "force upgrade" of their graph API from version 2.2 to 2.3 on 27th March 2017

For the record I'm using the following:

In Facebook I have the following settings configured for a test app:

enter image description here

enter image description here

In addition if you're using a sample template the error parameter returned isn't being consumed which can be misleading. You should add string error to ExternalLoginCallback

    public async Task<ActionResult> ExternalLoginCallback(string returnUrl, string error)
        if (error != null)
            return View("Error");

I had this problem as well. After I enabled the Google+ API the problem is not solved yet. Turns out I haven't set the 'Authorized JavaScript origins' in my google API console. So I set the authorized javascript origins, and the problem solved.

  • thanks for adding a screenshot to explain, it's very helpful. – Franva Jul 5 '17 at 7:30
  • You're welcome, glad I can help. :) – Satria Janaka Jul 18 '17 at 10:30

This is most likely because you have not enabled the Google + API in the developer console.

So when your account trys to get the details about the Google Account, it says access_denied.

Simply go to the developer console and enable the Google + API

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