I Want To check if my div have touch another div

here is my Work

            var newX= event.pageX-20;
            var newY= event.pageY-20;
            $('.mybox').css('left',newX + "px");
            $('.mybox').css('top',newY+ "px");
            var checkY = parseInt($('.box1').css('top').slice(0,-2));
            var checkX = parseInt($('.box1').css('left').slice(0,-2));
            var padingval = parseInt($('.box').css('padding').slice(0,-2))*2;
            console.log(checkY+padingval+" - "+newY);
                alert('Game Over');
                getmouse = false;


if My div Touch any div it Must alert Game over and return to its place I have checked if it touched first box but if there is any simple way to check ?

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You can use the Jquery collision plugin like this:

var x = $("#div1").collision(".div2");

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